Growing Coralbells

Paprika corabell

Coralbells are some of the best perennials to plant for foliage contrast in shady areas and are also beautiful in annual planters. Some varieties will also grow well in sun. They form low clumps of scalloped or wavy foliage, which can be in shades in purple, near-black, lime-green, gold, amber, copper, red, and green.


In summer, spikes of small flowers rise high above the leaves. In many varieties, these are nondescript and off-white in colour; in others, they are showy and pink or red.

Care & Maintenance

Most varieties will look their best in partial shade, with some direct morning sun. Some varieties will tolerate full sun (see list below). Plant in moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Amend heavy clay soil with compost or Sea Soil before planting.


Keep the soil moist until established, and make sure established plants receive a deep weekly watering during periods of dry weather.


Coralbells have evergreen foliage, so do not cut back in fall. Remove any dead or damaged leaves in spring.


Plants tend to lift themselves out of the ground over time, exposing their crowns to the elements and risking winter kill. Every 3-4 years, lift clumps out of the ground and replant at the proper depth.


If you don’t like the look of the flowers, stems can simply be removed.

Recommended Varieties

Following is a list of varieties that are generally reliable on the Prairies (zone 3 and up). Cultivars that tolerate full sun are noted.

Grape Expectations
lime rickey corabell
Marmalade corabell

Autumn Leaves
Berry Smoothie
Blackberry Crisp (Sun Tolerant)

Brandon Pink (Sun Tolerant)

Cherry Cola (Sun Tolerant)

Crimson Curls (Sun Tolerant)

Dolce Wildberry (Sun Tolerant)

Firefly (Sun Tolerant)
Galaxy (Sun Tolerant)
Georgia Peach (Sun Tolerant)

Georgia Plum (Sun Tolerant)

Ginger Ale
Grape Expectations (Sun Tolerant)

Grape Soda (Sun Tolerant)

Green Spice
Lime Rickey
Marmalade (Sun Tolerant)

Midnight Rose (Sun Tolerant)

Obsidian (Sun Tolerant)

Palace Purple (Sun Tolerant)

Paprika (Sun Tolerant)

Peach Crisp (Sun Tolerant)

Peach Flambe
Plum Pudding (Sun Tolerant)

Silver Scrolls

Stainless Steel
Sugar Plum (Sun Tolerant)


Paprika corabell