Surprisingly easy to grow, citrus can fill your indoor rooms with glossy green foliage, sweet-smelling flowers and tasty fruit. There are many dwarf citrus suitable for indoor growing – here are some great choices along with tips for growing indoors.
Meyer lemon

Meyer Lemon

The attractive foliage and fruit of Meyer lemon makes it a great indoor choice. Unlike other citrus, lemons will flower and fruit year round.
Key Lime


Common selections include Mexican Key Lime, Bearss Seedless and unlike other citrus, will flower and fruit year round.
Rio Red Grapefruit


Often available in winter months, compact selections are grafted onto dwarf rootstock, to create smaller selections for growing indoors. Large fragrant flowers result in medium to large fruit come spring. Look for Rio Red or Oroblanco.
Orange Plant


The most popular selections for indoors include Valencia, Cara Cara and Navel. Most will produce fruit in early summer.
Calamondin Orange

Calamondin Orange

Though this is the easiest citrus to grow indoors (even in lower light conditions), fruit is quite tart, so best used for making sweetened marmalades. Bears an abundance of fragrant blooms and loads of fruit, so makes a wonderful ornamental plant too.

Growing Tips


Citrus will require 8-12 hours of direct sunlight to be healthy and productive. If you do not have a south facing window, supplemental light from fluorescent or full spectrum bulbs will suffice.


Citrus require consistent humidity for healthy growth. Mist plants frequently, run a humidifier near plants, or give plants a weekly bath.


Citrus are heavy feeders and require a steady source of nitrogen. In winter months, Citrus can be fertilized with a 20-20-20 or 30-10-10 fertilizer once per month, in summer increase fertilizing to every two weeks.