Watering Containers While Away

Watering can
Heading off on a summer holiday?  Your container gardens will require some special attention while you’re gone, here are some helpful tips.
  • Move all pots to a shady protected area and put them all together. Even plants that generally enjoy the sun can go into the shade (try the North or East side of your home).
  • Sprinkle some granular, slow release fertilizer on top of soil and water pots deeply.
  • Deadhead any spent blossoms to encourage new growth.
  • Use a watering stake. This small ceramic stake attaches to various sizes of water/soda bottles. The bottle slowly releases water over a few days. If possible, enlist the help of a neighbor while you are away. Make watering easier for them by condensing all of your pots into one spot, and by listing any specific care instructions.