In the Lawn

Dandelion Digger

Dandelion Digger

Though the most labour intensive, this is the most effective way to control dandelions in the lawn and garden. The strong, pronged blade will pull weeds out of the most compacted soil.

Spot Treatment

Products such as Killex and Weed Out are all effective products that can be sprayed directly on weeds in the lawn. Note these products will kill any broadleaf weeds or plants they touch, so take care never to spray on windy days, or near existing shrubs or perennials.

Weed B Gon

The active ingredient in this herbicide is iron, making it an eco friendly alternative to Killex etc.
NOTE: IF YOU HAVE OVERSEEDED YOUR LAWN RECENTLY OR PLAN TO OVERSEED SOON you cannot use corn gluten as this will prevent any grass seed from germinating.
Garden Bandit

In the Garden

Hand pulling and using a dandelion digger are indeed the most effective ways to control weeds in your garden. There are however certain ways to pull!
To ensure you get the entire taproot of dandelions, use a digger tool. For small seedlings such as chickweed, the Garden Bandit weeding tool is amazing; its sharp blade skims across the soil surface to quickly uproot small seedlings, and its compact size makes it great for weeding between perennials and shrubs.
weeds in patios

On the Patio and Driveway

Green Earth Weed and Grass Killer is a non-chemical herbicide that works to kill top growth (not roots) on existing weeds in patios, on driveways. Round Up and Wipe Out are non-selective chemical herbicides that will work to kill both top growth and roots of weeds in patios and driveways.