For the Birds

March 3, 2019

Feeding Backyard Birds

Here are some of the common backyard birds you’ll see in winter.



Often the first birds you’ll see at a new feeder, chickadees are very comfortable around humans. Choose feeders with smaller perches so larger birds such as jays won’t have a place to perch and bully smaller chickadees.



These small sociable birds are best viewed up close; place a feeder near your window or deck so you can see them.



These beautiful singers will bring lively sounds to the garden in the depths of winter. These are ground feeders so ensure you leave feed on the ground for them.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Can be bullies in the backyard; provide a larger feeder with peanuts for the jays and keep well stocked, so smaller birds can eat at their own feeder without being disturbed.



Year round residents to Alberta, Nuthatches are commonly found in grassland areas, and areas with White Spruce stands. Their summer diet includes a wide range of insects, making them an excellent garden helper.

Wild Delight Bird Feed

Types of Feed

Greenland carries the Wild Delight brand of seed; it is a high quality seed with no fillers.


This black seed attracts finches, nuthatches and chickadees. Its small size is perfect for all small birds, and its high oil content gives birds lots of energy.

Black Oil Sunflower

An excellent feed for smaller birds such as chickadees. Many inexpensive mixes will contain only 10% black oil sunflower and 90% filler. Our Black Oil Sunflower feed is 100% black oil sunflower.

Zero Waste

An elite, zero wast blend with fruit to attract the most desired outdoor birds, with zero waste on the ground.

Deck Porch and Patio Blend

This zero waste blend combines pistachios and sunflowers with added vitamins and minerals. Feeds songbirds, finches, jays and nuthatches.


Loved by cardinals, this bitter tasting seed is often not preferred by pesky blue jays and squirrels.

Fruit and Nut and Fruit and Berry

Both mixes boast fruits, berries and nuts to attract all birds.

Outdoor Finch Food

This premium blend of millet, canary grass and nyger seed is perfect for finches.

Cracked Corn

Attracts larger birds such as jays and bluebirds, but also a great source of feed for squirrels.


The high fat content of suet provides birds with lots of energy to keep warm. Greenland carries block forms of suet, along with wire suet feeders that make refilling and cleaning easy

Seed Blocks

Our block feeders are so easy to fill. A block of seed is placed inside the wire feeder, and birds can perch and feed from the block. No spilling and no messy bags of seed to store!

Along with food and shelter, birds must have fresh, water for bathing and drinking year round. Drinking open water is more beneficial for birds as they will not lose as much body heat as when they eat snow. Purchase a birdbath heater to keep the water open in your birdbath or use a heated pet bowl for water.