Fabulous Fresh Greens

Festive greens bring a fresh, fragrant touch to any room for the holidays. Some greens are best for indoor use, while others can tolerate our extreme winter temperatures outdoors. Greenland’s fresh greens are grown specifically for design purposes, so our boughs are very fresh, long and easy to work with.

Following is a listing of popular greens that can be used indoors or outdoors:


  • Our most popular green! Leaves are fine in texture, lightly scented and have a great keeping quality
  • Great for use in wreaths, arrangements, centerpieces, or simply draped anywhere.
Douglas Fir branch

Douglas Fir

  • Short, light green needles, very fragrant
  • Suitable for centerpieces, in a vase indoors, long lasting outdoors
White Pine branch

White Pine

  • Long, thin needles on soft stems, very elegant
  • Retains needles well, suitable for centerpieces, vases or outdoor arrangements
Juniper branch


  • All varieties hold foliage well, indoors and out
  • Some boughs come with powdery blue berries attached.
Carolina Sapphire

Carolina Sapphire

  • Very finely textured, powdery blue foliage has a unique sage like fragrance
  • Wonderful contrast to other greens, long lasting indoors or out
Silver Fir branch

Silver Fir

  • Needles are dark green on the front side and silver on the back
  • Stiff foliage has a citrus fragrance
  • Great needle retention for indoors and out
Lodgepole Pine branch

Lodgepole Pine

  • Long needle pine native to Alberta
  • Strong stems with mid-green needles and decorative cones
  • Long lasting, suitable for indoors or out
Hemlock branch


  • Bright green, fine needles are a great contrast to other greens.
Silver Fir branch


  • Excellent dark green leaves and red berries
  • Used indoors only in Alberta
  • Lasts well if placed in water or floral foam.

Care for Fresh Greens

Greens used outdoors will ‘freeze in’ and will only require watering/misting if temperatures climb above 0°C for more than a couple days.
Indoors, fresh greens such as cedar, Carolina sapphire and white pine will last for up to a week without water, however they should be misted.
For all other greens, if cut and placed into water or florist oasis, greens will last up to 2- 3 weeks. Ensure vase water is refreshed every few days, and oasis is watered thoroughly every few days.