Fresh Greens Planters

Fresh greens planter
There’s nothing like a planter filled with fresh greens and decorative branches to bring colour to a dreary winter doorstep. Here are some simple steps to creating your very own festive planter:
create a festive planter

Step One

Start with lightweight container filled with soil or sand. Place tall twigs such as birch, dogwood or glittered branches in the center of the pot.
Create a festive planter

Step Two

Use sharp pruners to trim greens to desired height (about 12-15”). Insert white pine closely around the branches, using almost the entire bundle, leaving small scraps aside for later. Begin to insert douglas fir at a slight angle (so product fans outwards slightly) next to the white pine. Keep turning pot as you insert branches, to ensure greens are evenly dispersed. Fill in outward edges and any spaces between fir and pine with cedar; insert cedar stems at about a 45º angle so they drape gracefully outwards.
Create a festive planter

Step Three

Take a last look to ensure top edges of pot are concealed with greens; small scraps of greens are perfect for this! Our designers use approximately one bundle each of white pine, douglas fir and cedar for each 11” drop in we create.
Create a festive planter

Step Four

Time to personalize your design. Select a blend of pinecones and moss for a rustic look, silver baubles for a glitzy look or tartan ribbon and berries for a traditional look. We offer a superb selection of weatherproof accents that can withstand cold temperatures and moisture

Step Five

Water in the fresh greens design, and place finished design into your planter. Should temperatures warm during the winter to above 0ºC for several days, soak sand and lower stems of fresh greens design.
After the holidays, remove any festive accents. The remaining twigs and greens will add a natural touch to the outside entrance of your home in January and February.

Short on Time?

Our completed drop-ins are available in our Fresh Greens department. Custom designs can be created; our fresh greens staff would be happy to work one on one with you to create a custom design for your residential or commercial space.