Air Plants

air plants
One of the easiest houseplants to grow, these spiky plants have an enormous range of shapes, sizes and textures. Requiring no soil to survive, air plants can easily be displayed in decorative bowls, vases, terrariums and more.
Members of the bromeliad family, air plants are native to the southern US through Central and South America to Argentina. There are thousands of species in the wild ranging from those that grow on trees (epiphytes) to ones that grow in soil in arid or dry environments. Blooms can be fragrant and range from intense yellows, white or purple to red, lasting about 3-4 days.
One of the most easily grown houseplants, air plants thrive in a brightly lit space, with plenty of humidity. To maintain humidity, plants can be grown in terrariums, misted frequently, or submerged in room temperature water once per week. Requiring only the occasional feeding, plants can be submerged in a quarter strength solution of 30-10-10 or Orchid Fertilizer once every couple of months.