Amending Your Soil

soil amendments
Spring is an excellent time to incorporate soil amendments. Before you start, ensure your garden beds dry out prior to digging. Soil is ready to be worked when a handful of soil crumbles easily in your hand.

Amendments to Improve Drainage/Aeration



Aerates heavy soils when mixed with peat or compost.


Can use as topdressing on lawns but ensure if using for growing medium you mix compost: soil at a 1:3 ratio.
Sea Soil

Sea soil

100% organic. Fish and forest fines. No smell composted for 2 years. Breaks up clay, decreases amount of watering needed, increases root mass. A container version is available as well for all your planters.
Coco Coir

Coco Coir

Improves aeration and drainage. High water retention. Adds organic matter to soil. pH neutral.
Peat Moss

Peat Moss

Great to aid in moisture retention but very little nutritional value. Compresses greatly, so ensure you combine peat moss and compost or Soil Booster when amending garden beds.

Amendments to Improve Nutrients

Starting the spring season with a soil rich in nutrients ensures plants have the food they need to perform their very best. The amendments we suggest will slowly release a balanced blend of nutrients over the summer.

Kelp Meal

Condition the soil and increase root mass. Minerals ward off fungal disease.

Bone Meal

Great source of phosphorous and calcium. Phosphorous does not pass-through soil easily, so that’s why you must incorporate near plant roots (not broadcast).

Blood Meal

Excellent source of nitrogen and very high in organic manner, can also help to repel rodents.