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Plant Culture Tips

Information on planting, growing and maintaining indoor and outdoor plants.

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Air Plants - Growing Tips
Amaryllis - Growing Tips
Annuals - Keeping your Containers Beautiful
Annuals - Planting a Container Garden
Annuals - Seeding Dates


Begonias - Growing from Tubers
Bonsai - Growing Tips
Bulbs - How to Force Indoors
Bulbs - Planting Fall Bulbs
Bulbs - Planting Spring Bulbs
Bulbs - Overwintering Tender BulbsValiant Grapes

Cacti & Succulents - Growing Tips
Carnivorous Plants - Growing Tips
Citrus - Growing Indoors

Citrus - Growing Indoors II


Evergreens - Winter Damage


Fall - Fantastic Time to Plant
Fruits - Hardy Fruits for Alberta
Fruits - Honeyberry Pollination Chart
Fruits - Plum Pollination Chart


Garlic - Growing Tips
Garlic - Spring Planting
Grapes - Growing Tips
Grapes - Growing Hardy Grapes
Grasses - Great Grasses

Herbs - Cooking with Herbs
Herbs - Growing Fresh Herbs
Herbs - Growing Indoors
Hops - Growing Tips
Hostas - Growing Tips
Houseplants - Tips
Houseplants - Pests
Houseplants & Pets
Houseplants - Propagating


Orchids - Growing Tips
Orchids - Hardy Lady's Slipper Orchids


Peonies - Growing Tips
Perennials - Deer & Rabbit Resistant
Perennials - Unusually Hardy
Perennials for Shade
Perennials - For Special Purposes
Perennials - Ornamental Grasses
Perennials - Keeping Plants Healthy til Time
Perennials - Overwintering Tender Plants
Perennials - Planting Instructions
Perennials - Poisonous
Perennials - Seeding Dates
Poinsettias - Growing Tips
Pollinators - How to Attract Them

Potatoes - Growing Tips
Potatoes - Growing Potatoes in Containers


Roses - Growing Hardy Roses
Roses - Growing Tender Roses


Seeds - Collecting Seeds
Seeds - Common Seeding Mistakes
Seeds - Italian Garden Seeds
Seeds - Seeding Dates for Annuals & Perennials
Seeds - Seeding Dates for Vegetables
Seeds - With Special Germination Needs
Seeds - Starting Seeds Indoors
Sprouts - Growing Tips


Tender Plants - How to Overwinter
Tomato - Grafted Tomatoes
Tomato - Growing Tips
Tomato - Heat Loving
Trees - Favourite Shade Trees
Trees & Shrubs - Planting Instructions
Trees & Shrubs - For Special Purposes
Trees & Shrubs - Pruning in Spring

Vegetables - Common Diseases
Vegetables - Common Pests
Vegetables - Culinary Collectibles
Vegetables - For Beginners
Vegetables - Growing Vegetables from Seed
Vegetables - Growing in Containers
Vegetables - Planting Tips
Vegetables - Planting & Harvesting
Vegetables - Seeding Dates
Vines - Hardy Vines

Watering - Watering While you are Away
Weeds - Controlling Weeds in Your Yard