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The Potting Shed

Greenland is pleased to provide our customers with The Potting Shed, our completely customized container design service. From flowering pots for spring and summer to succulent bowls and living walls to freshen up your home, our Potting Shed department offers a great selection of living planters no matter the season.  


Daffodils, tulips, primula and other frost hardy plants are available as soon as the snow recedes. Our staff combine these colourful choices with natural branches, moss and more to add a touch of colour for indoors or out. 




Choose from a beautiful assortment of colourful and unique 'drop in' designs full of foliage and blooms that you can simply pop into your own containers at home. Seeking something truly personalized? Our potting shed experts will work one on one with you to choose the perfect plants to accent your containers at home. We’ll build this design into a portable pot you can pop into your planter at home, discuss valuable tips for watering and fertilizing, and if required, deliver the pots to your door.



Bridge the gap between summer and winter with colourful autumn plants like mums, ornamental cabbage and kale. These frost hardy plants replace fading summer annuals, and keep your entrance enhanced with rich colour right up until the snow flies.



Fresh Drop Ins

It’s never too cold for containers! Freshen up your entrance with our festive drop in arrangements.  Our designers combine fresh greens, branches and other accents in our decorative black pots that can be displayed on their own or ‘dropped in’ to your existing containers. Need something specific? Greenland offers custom drop in designs for residential homes or businesses. Call 780-467-7557 and ask for our Fresh Greens Department.  Drop In designs are available at the beginning of November through to Christmas.  View our Fresh Greens Idea Book.


Holiday Plants

The quality, colour and long lasting blooms of Greenland’s poinsettia make them the perfect choice for decorating and gift giving.  Our designers combine these with tropicals, hydrangea, evergreens and more for truly unique designs for your home or gift giving.



Tropical plants are available on a year round basis at Greenland, and our Potting Shed staff are always on hand to help you choose the perfect plant for your home.  Whether a simple bowl of mixed succulents or an impressive planter filled with tropical foliage, our experts will pot up something perfect for your indoor space. 


Custom Containers

Our experts also offer custom container designs for commercial and residential interiors. Whether small potted plants for the boardroom to impressive planters to welcome guests in the lobby, our staff will work hand in hand with you and your budget to add a fresh touch to your building.




Do your tropical plants need some perking up? The Potting Shed also offers repotting services for indoor plants. Bring in your potted tropical and a new planter or choose from our selection of ceramic indoor pots. Our staff will repot your tropical into its new home, fertilize and shine the leaves.  Pricing is based on plant/pot size, for more information call 780-467-7557 and ask for our Tropicals Department.