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June 10, 2018

Ants in your Plants?


Ants in your Plants?

We’re seeing a large number of ants in the lawn and garden. Though they are mostly scavengers, not feeding on live plants, they may require control if numbers become troublesome.

Doktor Doom Residual
Ant Foam
In the Lawn

Often, lawn infestations contain several hills or one large one. Watch the ants to determine where the hill would be. Poke holes into the lawn area with a pitchfork or strong bamboo pole, then drench the area with a solution of Doktor Doom Residual or Doktor Doom Ant Foam. Both these products are equipped with a straw to direct the product deep down into the holes you create. For numerous hills or a rather large yard, Malathion is also effective when drenched into the hills.
Seeking a greener solution? Green Earth beneficial nematodes contain a natural predator to control ant larvae. Simply mix with water and drench infested area.

diatomaceous earthIn Flowerbeds

If ants are merely traveling about, let them be. However if numbers exceed friendly limits and you find roots of perennials/veggies/annuals disturbed, drench the area with the products listed above or dust soil surface and plants with Diatomaceous Earth. This silica based material will control ants by causing them to dry out

In Pathways

Doktor Doom Residual spray leaves a long lasting residue, so can be sprayed on sidewalks/driveways to control ants scurrying across the area.