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Tools & Accessories

Our buyers have researched every product to ensure we bring you the highest quality and best pricing we have ever offered.

Comfort and quality mean the world when it comes to garden tools. Greenland carries a great selection of hand tools, shovels, rakes and more to help you maintain your yard. We also stock a great supply of other garden helpers such as kneeling pads, plant supports and more.

Hand Tools
Watering Accessories
Miscellaneous Accessories

Hand Tools

Corona tools
Corona Tools

Since the 1920’s Corona has offered gardeners affordable, high quality tools. Their broad range of pruners, shovels, trowels and more are always a staff favourite.


Felco pruners
Felco Pruners

The world's best pruner! Made in Switzerland, Felco is to pruners like Henkel is to knives. One pair will last you a lifetime. Different styles available, check in store for availability and pricing.


Garaden Bandit
Garden Bandit Weeding Tool

The ultimate chickweed tool!  A favorite amongst our staff, this handy tool looks simple but outperforms any other.  The loop design and sharp blades easily undercut roots of weeds and help to aerate your soil.  Long handled option available.  $15.99



The Classic collection of gardening tools by Flexrake is inspired from the traditional tools of yesteryear. From rakes and trowels to shovels and pruners, these beautiful, quality tools will be cherished for years by gardening enthusiasts.


Watering Accessories

Dramm Watering Products

Dramm watering products combine the quality of a professional greenhouse product with the bright colours and trendsetting styles homeowners desire. Visit us in store to view more.


Ross Root Feeder
Ross Root Feeder

Deep root watering is the easiest and most economical way to water. The Ross Root Feeder delivers water deep down to the root system of trees and shrubs where it’s needed most.


tree soaker ring
Tree Soaker Ring

Our tree soaker ring conveniently directs water deep down to the roots of your trees and shrubs saving you time and money. Easily connects to your garden hose.


Miscellaneous Accessories

Ups a Daisy planter insert

Lighten up your pots! These unique disks rest in your garden pot, reducing the amount of soil needed. Allows for necessary drainage and can be used year after year.


Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny

These handy terra cotta spikes are ideal for potted plants that need consistent moisture. Simply insert the spike in the soil and  attach a water bottle or wine bottle. The moisture will seep through the terra cotta as the plant takes up water. Let the Plant Nanny do the watering for you when you are away!