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Insect Control

Pest and weed control in the garden has changed dramatically over the last few years. At Greenland we focus our effort on providing environmentally friendly options.

Recent government regulations have removed many familiar garden products from garden center shelves. These regulations are imperative in preventing overuse of chemicals, and go a long way in protecting both ourselves and the many beneficial animals in the garden. Both experts and gardeners are needing to familiarize themselves with new, safer controls.

Eco Friendly Insect Controls
Chemical Based Controls


Prior to using any products in the garden, please ensure the insect or disease has been properly diagnosed. Greenland does provide a diagnostic service free of charge - simply bring in a sample of the insect or damaged plant material, and our staff will provide you with a diagnostic form to fill out. Please note that as our service is complimentary, our horticulturalists are often overwhelmed at the height of the garden season. Diagnosis may take up to 1 week.

Valuable information can also be found in the What's Bugging portion of our site. Feel free to forward an image of any plant damage, insect or disease to: tina@greenlandgarden.com

Eco Friendly Insect Controls

Pest and weed control in the garden has changed dramatically in the past two years. Although some common insecticides such as Malathion and Sevin are still available (see Chemical Based Controls), our focus is to offer environmentally friendly options.

Nemaglobe Grub Buster
Nemaglobe Grub Buster

Beneficial organisms control Fungus Gnats, Onion Maggots, Cutworms and Sod Webworm. Can be applied via hose end sprayer or watering can.


Nemaglobe Ant Attack

Nemaglobe Ant Attack

These beneficial microscopic organisms kill young ant larvae and drive away adults. Suited for use in both lawn and garden, Ant Buster nematodes can be applied with a watering can or hose end sprayer. Each globe comes with 10 million nematodes and covers up to 1000 sq. ft.

Safer's End All

Safer's End All

This control is very effective because it controls all stages (egg, larvae and adult) of aphids, whitefly, scale, spidermites and mealybugs. For indoors or outdoors.


Safer's BTK Biological Insecticide


Safer's BTK Biological Insecticide (Bacillus Thuringiensis)

BTK is an environmentally friendly insecticide that is specific to caterpillars, and will not harm bees, birds, children or pets.


Doktor Doom Diatomaceous Earth


Doktor Doom Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is basically crushed, fossilized sea shells. The sharp crystals cut an insect’s body as they crawl across the powder. Excellent control for cutworms/maggots in the vegetable garden. Sprinkle dust into furrows when seeding/transplanting.



Safer's Slug and Snail Bait

Metal ions cause slugs & snails to stop feeding, dry up and die in 3-6 days. Non-toxic to people, pets, wildlife. Remains active for a week even in heavy rain.


Horticultural Oil

Simply mix with water and spray on branches of dormant trees/shrubs to smother insect eggs that have overwintered. Can also be used in season, however dilution must be increased.


Apple Maggot Traps

Traps contain an attractant that lures the fly to a sticky apple shaped trap before they lay eggs.




This paste forms a barrier against climbing insects such as ants, caterpillars, etc. Simply fasten a band of waterproof paper to the base of tree and apply Tanglefoot.


Chemical Based Controls

The following products are chemically based insecticides that Health Canada has continued to deem as safe for use in home gardens.

Doktor Doom House and Garden Insecticide

This is the only pest control that we carry that has continuous action for up to 60 days. Controls ants, thrips, leafhoppers, sowbugs and more. Contains permethrin, the artificial form of pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums.


Doktor Doom Residual Insecticide Spray

This insecticide has the same active ingredient as Doktor Doom House and Garden, but is double the strength. This can be used in homes & buildings and outdoors in cracks, crevises and small openings where insects are a problem. Works great on spiders, ants, mosquitoes, sowbugs and many other crawling and flying insects. Avoid using directly on plants.





Kills over 40 different insects including spruce budworm, fruitworm, sawfly, aphids, etc. It can be used on vegetable crops, fruit trees, ornamentals, evergreens and shrubs.


This insecticide-miticide kills many garden insects such as aphids, mealybug, spruce budworm, mites and more.