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Proper fertilizing is one of the most important things a gardener can do for all their  plants regardless of whether they are new transplants or old, well established plants, flowering, non flowering, evergreen or deciduous.

There are always 3 numbers listed on the label of all fertilizers and they represent the three major nutrients that plants need.  These nutrients are always listed in the same order: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

NITROGEN:  Stimulates strong leaf and stem growth.  Good for lawns, evergreens, deciduous trees, leafy vegetables and most foliage houseplants.  Over application can result in lanky, tender growth that can be susceptible to disease.

PHOSPHOROUS:  Stimulates strong root growth and flower development.  It stimulates root growth on young plants and hence is used when transplanting.  On mature plants, it stimulates flower production and therefore is used in all flowering plant fertilizers.  It helps lawns to be more drought tolerant and is necessary for all root and flower crops.

POTASSIUM: Necessary for strong stems and branches.  Helps to tie in the other two elements and provides for increased disease resistance in plants.  Stimulates seed production and development.

Synthetic Fertilizers
Organic Fertilizers
Lawn Fertilizers

Synthetic Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers are most often water soluble and are chemical based.  They are mixed with water and applied to soil area of garden beds or planters.  Water soluble fertilizers will provide plants with an instant feed, while granular synthetic choices will release nutrients over a long period of time.  Synthetic fertilizers should always be applied to moist soil.

Water soluable fertilizers
Water Soluble

Water soluble fertilizers will provide plants with an instant feed. They are mixed with water and applied to the soil area of garden beds or planters.  These fertilizers should always be applied to moist soil.


Plant Prod Shake and Grow

Synthetic granular fertilizers slowly release nutrients over a long period of time. Beneficial for large beds and borders to reduce fertilizing frequency as well as for extra hungry plants such as blooming annuals.


Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers provide valuable nutrients to plants while improving soil and providing organic matter for beneficial microorganisms.


Liquid Kelp

This organic based product contains the most vitamins and minerals for your garden or house plants. Simply mix with water and spray onto foliage or water into soil for fast acting, organic nutrients.



Off the Vine Fertilizer

Off the Vine 4-3-6-2

A vegetable fertilizer that has added calcium and kelp. Off the Vine is a homogeneous natural granular blend of essential nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and calcium for growing delicious vegetables. Vine vegetables demand fertile high-organic matter and well drained soil for good results.


Roses ‘N Bloom 3-1-5

An all new rose food that is enriched with alfalfa and kelp. This food increases the bloom set and size of flower as well as plant vigour, and thus greater resistance to disease and insect attack.


Trees ‘N Shrubs (6-1-6-2 S)

This organic fertilizer has added sulfur to promote the vitality of your trees and shrubs.


Blood Meal 12-0-0 Green Earth

A good source of organic nitrogen. Enhances soil quality for evergreens  shrubs and trees.


Green Earth Bone Meal 2-14-0

An organic base fertilizer that stimulates green growth, stem, fruit and root development. Slow release, non burning. Apply anytime – from spring to late fall.


Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn fertilizers help produce a strong root system and healthy blade growth, resulting in a lawn that can fight drought, insects and weeds.  Greenland carries both synthetic and organic lawn fertilizers.


Turf Revolution lawn fertilizers are 100% natural, and are produced by Turf Revolution products DO NOT contain:

  • Animal by-products
  • Manure (often called litter)
  • Synthetics or “organic-based” which contains up to 85% synthetics
  • Processed human sewage; which means no concerns about any infectious pathogens

 Dr. Earth fertilizer

Dr. Earth 9-0-5

This organic fertilizer contains alfalfa and beneficial microbes for a hardy root system.


Corn Gluten

Corn Gluten 9-0-0

A corn gluten organic fertilizer that supplies slow release nitrogen for an amazing dark green colour. Corn gluten is proven to impede weed seeds from germinating by as much as 90%. Apply 3 times per season for maximum benefit. Do not use on newly seeded areas.


Salt Stopper

A naturally-mined calcium magnesium sulphate that is an excellent neutralizer for road salt and pet urine. It is to be used as a spot treatment in the damaged areas. After application, grass seed will germinate more effectively.


Revive and Thrive fertilizer

Greenland Revive and Thrive Topdressing

This combination topdressing and repair contains 50% compost, 10% certified seed blend and 40% 2-0-2 fertilizer. The fertilizer contains Asco, a marine extract that improves germination and root development. Seed mix is 10% Kentucky bluegrass, 10% Creeping Red Fescue and 80% Perennial Rye Grass, all certified seed. Granulated compost is derived from leaf and yard trimmings, free of weed seeds and has no odour.


Time Sav’r Topdresser

An organic pelletized compost that is derived from leaf and yard trimmings and is free of weed seeds. It will improve a lawn’s drought tolerance, increase its nutrient and moisture holding capacity, reduce the thatch layer and reduce soil compaction.



Scotts Turf Builder Starter 24-25-4
Scotts Turf Builder Starter 24-25-4

Helps your lawn grow thicker and quicker! Should be applied in spring, even on established lawns. Use for repairing bare spots, overseeding an existing lawn, seeding a new lawn or when installing sod.

Scotts Turf Builder Green Max

Scotts Turf Builder Green Max 26-0-2 with 5.17% iron

This summer fertilizer has extra iron for faster deeper greening.