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Animal Repellants

Our selection of animal repelling products cover a wide range of garden pests.

animal deterrents
Physical Controls

These devices are most useful when dealing with rabbits, gophers, skunks and deer. Effective products for a variety of animals include ScareCrow motion activated sprinklers and Sonic Shield which scares with sound frequencies. The Mole Mover deters gophers, moles and voles while owl figures and reflective scare tape can be used for birds.


No Bite animal repellant

No Bite

Effective for repelling rabbits, deer and mice, No Bite is a bitter tasting solution that will repel animals by taste. Spray plants or tree trunks just twice in a week and product will be effective for a full year.




Bobbex uses a combination of ingredients that repel animals by taste, odour and fear. Eggs, proteins (fish meal, meat meal etc), garlic, clove oils and more are just some of the 12 ingredients combined for an effective repellant. Effective for use on all trees, shrubs and evergreens. Helps control deer, rabbits, voles, squirrels.