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New Roses for 2018

Here is a sampling of some of our new Roses for 2018. For a complete list of the roses we carry click here.

Parade Day (Grandiflora)

A unique colour combination, fuchsia pink blooms  are striped bright white.  Has a strong citrus-like fragrance with hints of spice. Blooms are fully double, medium to large in size, 3-4” diameter. A very bushy plant producing blooms most of the summer, excellent disease resistance.
Ht:  4’  Sp:  3’
Zone 4



Top Gun (Floribunda)

This new variety comes with superior plant genetics. A vigorous grower and heavy bloomer with excellent disease resistance. Semi-double blooms are 2” to 3”, red suffused with dark burgundy. Has a moderate fruity fragrance.
Ht: 3’  Sp:  3’
Zone 4



Lady in Red (Climber)

This compact climbing variety is perfect for small fences or trellises. Dark red ruffled, double blooms are 3 -4”. Unlike other reds, the blooms to do not fade to pink or blue. Has a light tea fragrance.
Ht:  8-10’
Zone 5



Easy on the Eyes (Floribunda)

Beautiful lavender pink blooms with a purple-magenta eye, up to 10 blooms in each cluster. This medium rounded shrub has high disease resistance. Has a moderate, spicy and citrus-like fragrance.
Ht:  3’  Sp:  3’
Zone 4


David Austin Roses (New for 2018)

Thomas a’ Becket

Very full blooms are quite unique, as carmine red petals reflex back revealing large flowers resembling carnations.
Blooms are fully double, 4” across with a zesty lemon fragrance. Repeat flowering, highly disease resistant.
Ht:  4’  Sp:  3’
Zone 4




An outstanding selection of English Rose with 3” pure apricot coloured blooms; fully double and cupped with up to 80 petals each. Blooms late spring to fall with an excellent repeat blooming capability. Has a strong tea fragrance. Winner of the prestigious Award of Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.
Ht:  4’  Sp:  4’
Zone 4