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Featured Perennials for 2018

With the best selection of perennials in the Prairies, we’re your one-stop shop for traditional favourites and the best new varieties.

KISMET™ Series Coneflower (Echinacea spp.)

This new line of breeding has produced strong growing plants with many crowns and a compact growth habit. The higher crown count allows for enhanced winter survivability. Four vibrant colours are available, including ‘Intense Orange’, ‘Raspberry’, ‘Red’, and ‘Yellow’. The blooms last all summer and well into fall, attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil; avoid wet areas and winter wet. 18” T x 24” W

NORTHERN EXPOSURE™ Series Coralbells (Heuchera spp.)

Bred using northern North American species, this line of coralbells features superior winter hardiness, long-lasting foliage colour, excellent disease resistance, vigour, and longevity in the garden. Fabulous plants for either shade or sun, these will form a dense mound of vibrantly coloured foliage accented by small flowers. Try them in spring/summer/fall containers too, simply pop them in the ground for winter! A number of varieties are available, including ‘Amber’, ‘Lime’, and ‘Red’. 14” T x 20” W

‘Zebra Stripes’ Hosta

One of several beautiful new Hosta being added to our collection for 2018, this is one of the most unique we have ever offered. It features white foliage that is delicately striped with clean green lines. A must see! Like all Hosta, this is very easy, hardy, and reliable; but do not plant in an area withafternoon sun exposure as it is susceptible to sun scald. Morning sun/afternoon shade or full shade is recommended. 12” T x 20” W



The Return of Dwarf Bearded Iris!

For 2018 we are bringing back a collection of stunning and rare dwarf bearded Iris to grace your rock garden or perennial border! Several unique varieties are returning after a 2 or 3 year absence, and a number of completely new varieties are coming to us for the first time. Both miniature (4-8” height) and standard (10-14” height) dwarf bearded Iris are on offer. Some of our favourites include ‘Bluebeard’s Ghost’, ‘Cat’s Eye’, ‘Elf Esteem’, and ‘Oh Canada’. Plant in full sun to light shade, ensuring soil is well-drained and rhizomes are exposed at the soil surface to prevent rot.


CONSTANT™ Series Bitterroot (Lewisia spp.)

These are a very cute new line of bitterroot which are selected for reblooming sporadically over the summer after their initial spring colour explosion. These little succulents will set your rock garden alight when they burst into bloom. They are ideal for hot and dry areas, looking great nestled between rocks or planted with a gravel top-dressing. They require sharply-drained, sandy or gritty soil and will not tolerate wet conditions, especially during winter. Flower colours can be fuchsia, pink, or coral-orange. 3” T x 7” W


‘Pandora’ Rayflower (Ligularia dentata)

The smallest rayflower ever introduced, this is an ideal plant for shady, wet areas when you don’t have space for other ligularias. Heart-shaped, deep burgundy tinged foliage is offset by large daisy-like, orange flowers in summer. Can also be planted in sunnier areas, but plants require constant moisture and often wilt in the hot afternoon sun even when the roots are moist. 12” T x 16” W



Chick Charms® Series Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum spp.)

This amazing line of collectible hens & chicks takes this incredibly pleasing perennial to the next level. Rosettes of succulent foliage gradually spread to form a mat, making for a very attractive groundcover. They look even better spilling over and growing between rocks and on retaining walls. What’s more, these plants have to be the easiest perennials to grow, requiring almost no maintenance and easily splitting to yield new plants. They are ruggedly hardy, drought-tolerant, and come in a huge variety of colours. Some of our favourite varieties from the line include ‘Appletini’, ‘Cherry Berry’, ‘Watermelon Ripple’, and ‘Gold Nugget’. 3” T x 18-24” W

‘Flirt’ Bergenia

Bergenia or elephant ears have long been a favourite perennial for northern gardeners. Their tough, glossy evergreen foliage easily survives the harshest winters, and the plants grace our gardens with pretty pink flowers in early spring as a bonus. ‘Flirt’, however, is something quite different and special. This is a new dwarf variety that lends itself well to rock gardens, border edging, or simply smaller spaces, but retains the hardiness, drought tolerance, and general ease of care of other bergenias. It is also very floriferous. Fall/winter colour is a deep plum. 6” T x 9” W