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Soil Products

Greenland carries a wide selection of bagged soil products as well as garden mix, compost and top soil in bulk quantity.

Great soil is imperative to the ultimate health of your plants, and the overall beauty of your garden. One of the most important steps you can take in ensuring the health and performance of your plants is to provide them with a quality soil base.

Soil Test Kit

Before amending your soil, a soil test kit will accurately determine what nutrients are lacking in your soil. Our Turf Revolution Test Kits are mailed off to an independent lab, and within 7-10 business days a professional analysis lands in your mailbox. This analysis identifies soil deficiencies and the amount of organic matter in your soil. Available in separate kits for Lawns, Flower Gardens and Vegetable Gardens.


Sea soil
Sea Soil

Sea Soil’s organic matter feeds your plants and helps to build quality soil by increasing water retention. It also works to break down and bring air to clay soils. Made from manufactured fish fines, this incredible soil is beautifully black without any scent. Can be mixed with potting soil for containers as a top dressing on lawns or for soil conditioning.


Schults soils
Schultz Professional Soils

Schultz soil products are high quality mixes for use both indoors and out. Available in 5 litre bags to 28 litre, Schultz soils are packaged in resealable bags with valuable information on repotting plants and more. Some mixes also contain slow release fertilizers or moisture plus crystals. Available mixes: Potting Soil, Moisture Plus, Orchid Mix, Tropical, Cactus, Seed Starter.


Pro Mix HP
Pro Mix HP

This custom mix is the same quality soilless mix our greenhouse growers use for our beautiful selection of annuals and perennials.  Great for amending existing flower beds, for starting seeds indoors and a very economical way to fill your container gardens.  Each bale contains 3.8 cu. Ft. of mix.



Various soil ammendments are available to help improve soil drainage and add nutrients.


Guaranteed not to burn, our bagged compost helps to loosen and replenish exhausted soils.




Axis Soil Amendment

This natural product will firm up soggy soils and  loosen heavy clay. Improves water retention, decreasing moisture requirements in your lawn and garden by up to 30%.



Beats Peat

This 100% natural product is a great substitution for peat, which is being overharvested.  Each block of Beats Peat expands when water is added to make up to 3cu. Ft of product.  Made of coconut coir, it improves soil aeration and drainage, while retaining moisture.  Excellent for container gardens.