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Houseplant How To

All About Repotting

As they grow, most tropical plants will require repotting. Tightly cramped roots can inhibit growth and affect the overall health of the plant.


• Depending on their growth habit, most houseplants may require repotting about every 2-3 years. Indicators of a plant needing repotting would be roots bulging out of the pot, or a general slow in new growth.
• To check the roots, tip your pot over and gently pull the plant out of the pot; if there's a large amount of roots encircling each other, it's time to replant.


• Select a pot slightly larger than the one your plant is currently in (approx. 2-4" wider). Ideally the pot should have drainage holes. If it does not, drainage can be created with materials like rocks/gravel or charcoal.
• Remove the plant from its container, and gently tease apart the outer roots. Heavily root bound plants may require the use of a serrated knife to help pry apart roots.

• Fill the new container with a quality indoor potting mix like Schultz Tropical Potting Mix. Moistening the mix slightly will help to pack the soil around the root ball.
• Fill in the sides and top of the root ball of plant with soil, tamping gently as you go. Be sure to leave some space at the top of pot for ease of watering. Water soil thoroughly.