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Plant Styling

Designing with Plants

It’s not only fashion and home décor gracing the pages of lifestyle magazines these days. Tropicals, cacti and succulents of all kinds are taking over.  It’s because foliage... is fabulous!

Houseplants not only add colour and texture to a room, but like artwork and furniture, are very versatile pieces of décor.

Whether displayed alone or combined with décor on tabletops and mantles, even in the bathroom, houseplants add texture, fresh colour and above all else, actually clean the air we breathe. Here are three ways to style with houseplants:



Make a Statement

One large, well-developed plant will add height and drama to a room. Choose bold and beautiful specimens like split leaf philodendron, fiddle leaf figs or palms.

Fill it In

Clusters of plants work especially well on side tables, coffee tables and corners where nothing else fits. Group a combination of contrasting foliage then add one or two accessories for maximum effect.

Table Centerpiece

Flowers are lovely, but a planted centerpiece is incredibly long lasting. Set potted foliage combinations on coffee or dining room tables as living, breathing decor.

Look Up!

The cascading foliage of pothos, boston fern and staghorn ferns are the most popular choices for hanging. However, decorative macramé hangers (yes, they’re back!) can be used to transform any tropical into the perfect accent for a cozy corner or living chandelier.


Plant Styling Class

Discover more ways to decorate with plants in our Plant Styling class
Thursday, March 1st at 7pm

We’ll share inspiring ideas to transform your home and office.  
$10, pre-register by calling 780-467-7557.