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July, 2017

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A Walk in the Garden - Trees & Shrubs

Walk, talk, and save!

Join us for a walk in the botanical garden Sunday, July 24th at 1pm. Our experts will guide you through this garden oasis, showcasing their favourite trees and shrubs along with growing tips.  Attendees receive a 25% off coupon off one regular priced tree or shrub.

Only $5.00, pre-registration required.
Phone us at 780-467-7557

  In the Garden

Plant a Backyard Orchard
Discover hardy fruit that thrives in Alberta.
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Veggie Leafminer

Leafminer is affecting are veggies as well as trees, shrubs and perennials.
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Watering While You're Away

Plants in containers require special attention while you are away.
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Crystal Clear Watergardens
Cloudy or murky water is a common problem that can be easily remedied with a few helpful hints.
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Keeping your Containers Beautiful

Though most annuals love the sun, our intense summer heat can make your containers appear less than perfect  Learn more



Hardy Vines

Vines add vertical interest to any yard and can also act as groundcovers or privacy screens.
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Summer Lawn Care
Here are some great tips for keeping your lawn its healthiest this summer.
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