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May, 2017


In The Garden

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The following classes run in May.  See our Class Listing for complete details.
May 4 - Hardy Orchids
May 13 - Veggies in the Garden


Yoga in the Garden

NEW!  Saturdays in the Botanical Garden

Join registered yoga teacher Janine Heber in the Greenland botanical garden for Saturday Hatha Yoga sessions. Janine is a passionate instructor with over 300 hours of training and 100 hours of teaching experience. She specializes in meditation, restorative and pain care yoga and offers a practice that is welcoming, fun and accessible to all.

Sessions will run on the following Saturdays from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. Please bring your own mat. Though payment for the community classes is not mandatory, a $5 donation fee is greatly appreciated.
Pre-registration is appreciated, but drop-ins are always welcome! Pre-register by email or through Facebook.


May 27     12 - 1 pm
June 10    12 - 1 pm
June 24    12 - 1 pm
July 8       12 - 1 pm
July 22     12 - 1 pm
Janine looks forward to seeing you! Should you require any more information on the Yoga Saturdays please feel free to contact Janine.

In the Garden


Cut Back and Divide Perennials

Perennials should all be cut back to approximately 4” above ground. Click here for more information on getting your yard ready for Spring.



Did you have aphids or mildew last year?

Now is the time to prevent them from coming back.  For information on Aphids visit our Insect section in What's Bugging? To learn more about Powdery Mildew click here.




If you haven't pruned yet, you still have time.  The general "rule of thumb" is you can cut back up to 1/3 of entire plant.  Click here for more pruning tips.



Aerate & Dethatch Lawn

Rake up dead thatch, aerate older, compacted lawns.  Fertilize with CIL Turf Starter or Green Acres 5-1-5.  Here's more lawn care tips.


Repair Dog Damage

Having lush, green grass can be a challenge if you have a dog. Their urine causes unsightly yellow spots and can eventually kill patches of grass. Here are some tips on preventing and repairing patchwork grass.



May 21 - Kick off to Planting!

You've waited for this day, here are planting instructions to get you growing right.



Wipe out those Weeds

For information on getting rid of those annoying weeds in your lawn, garden or driveway, click here.



Plant your Containers

Annual containers add instant beauty to any deck or patio, providing a splash of colour all summer long.  Click here to learn more.


Time to Plant Veggies

For helpful advice on planting a vegetable garden click here.


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