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Growing Herbs Outdoors

Herbs are an easy addition to your outdoor garden. Whether planted in the ground or containers, all herbs will require a bright, sunny spot.

Planting & Maintaining

If planting into the ground ensure soil is well drained. Hard, clay packed soils can be amended with a compost such as Sea Soil. Prepare the hole two times the width of the pot and 1 1/2 times as deep as the pot. Score the sides of the hole with a hand trowel. Fill the bottom of the hole with good loamy, black soil (Soil Booster, Sea Soil) so the top of the root ball will be at the same grade (level) as the existing soil. Score the root ball with a sharp blade or ‘tickle’ the root ball with your fingers to encourage outward root growth. Set the plant into the hole and fill the rest of the hole with soil and gently tamp in.
If planting into a container, follow the steps as above, ensuring you are filling your pots with a suitable potting mix such as Sea Soil Container Mix.
Because plants in plastic containers can quickly dry out, it is imperative that they are watered often before and after they are planted, to prevent them from drying out. Check daily for moisture, you may need to water once per day for the first 2-4 weeks after planting.
Check plants often for moisture; plants with woody stems such as Thyme and Oregano can stay on the dry side, however soft stemmed plants such as Basil and Dill should not be allowed to dry out extensively. Fertilize every two weeks to encourage new growth. Use a water soluble fertilizer such as liquid kelp (Seaweed Plant Food), or water soluable 15-30-15.


To maintain compact growth and ensure best flavour, all herbs should be pinched regularly. Note that most herbs lose their flavour if allowed to flower, so pinching often promotes young, fresh growth with the best flavour. Should you find you are harvesting more than you can use in the kitchen simply seal herbs in Ziploc bags and freeze or freeze chopped herbs in water as ice cubes. These cubes can be tossed into sauces, soups and stews anytime for quick flavour.