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NEW! Indoor Gardening Day

Sat. Mar 2

Join Greenland for our first ever Indoor Gardening Day!

Our Greenland experts will be joined by:

Orchid Species Preservation Foundation  (will have plants for sale)
African Violet and Gesneriad Society of Edmonton (will have plants for sale)
Cactus and Succulent Society of Alberta




No registration required, just drop in!

Philodendron Brazil


Top Tropicals to Purify the Air
Discover the best houseplants that not only look great, but will efficiently filter out toxic compounds from the air in your home.
Presented by Bob Stadnyk – Greenland Expert and 630 CHED Garden Show Host


Orchid Culture for Beginners
Get tips from a local specialist on how to successfully grow and flower orchids in a home environment.
Presented by  Dave Nixon – Orchid Species Preservation Foundation


Up Close with Pricklies: Cacti and Other Succulents at Home Outside and in the Wild
Discover some of nature’s most fascinating plants! We’ll cover varieties and care of cacti and succulents from around the world.
Presented by Michael Gibbins – Alberta Cactus and Succulent Society

Growing Food Indoors

Growing Food Indoors
Learn some of the best methods of growing veggies and herbs completely indoors, great for those without outdoor space.
Presented by Christine Werk – Edmonton Horticultural Society


Growing & Propagating African Violets and Other Gesneriads
Explore some of the easiest flowering houseplants to grow and learn how to propagate them easily to obtain more plants.
Presented by Joe Gadbois – Greenland Expert and 630 CHED Garden Show Host


The Orchid Hunters
Since orchids first became darlings of the western horticultural world in the Victorian period, their discovery and collection from the wild has involved stories of adventure and scandal. Learn some of these in this interesting historical presentation.
Presented by Orchid Species Preservation Foundation


11am to 2pm
Plant Style S.O.S
Have a spot where you’d like to add indoor plants but don’t know where to start? Bring in a photo and our plant stylists will help you choose the best plants to mix and match with accessories in your home.
The Potting Shed
Visit our Potting Shed where our team will be demonstrating ideas for creating terrariums, succulent and cacti gardens, air plant combinations and more.


FREE DRAWS throughout the day