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June, 2019

In the Garden


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 In the Garden

Time to Plant Veggies

Here are some helpful tips to get you growing!
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Your Plants are Hungry

Garden plants and trees are finally showing good growth, which means they may need to be fertilized.
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Planting Trees & Shrubs

The following guidelines will help your new trees, shrubs or perennials get the best start possible.
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Prevent Fungal Disease

Advice on how to prevent fungal diseases on your plants.
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Evergreens Turning Brown?

Depending on the variety of your evergreens, the browning you see may be caused by winter damage or due to pests.  Learn more




Perennial Month

June is Perennial Gardening Month.  Here is a list of Perennials for Special Purposes.




Pests in the Garden

For information on controlling pests in your yard, visit our "What's Bugging" section.

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