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April, 2019

In The Garden


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All Purpose Perennials class


Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring   Apr 6
The Basics of Pruning   Apr 13
All Purpose Perennials   Apr 28




April 27

Meet the Experts Day
A day filled with free seminars, draws and lots of information for a successful gardening season. Bring in your small hand tools to be cleaned and sharpened for free!
Sat. Apr 27     9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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In the Garden


Prune Perennials

It's time to cut back your perennials. Be sure your tools are clean to prevent spreading any diseases/pests from last year. Click here for more spring gardening tips.



Prune Trees & Shrubs

Early Spring is the perfect time to prune as shrubs and trees have yet to leaf out, making it easy to view any branches that require pruning.

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