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Tropical FAQs

Q&A on tropicals, their maintenance and common pests and diseases.

Q.  I have a lime tree and notice that some of the leaves are curling up. There are also little trails on some of the leaves.  I don't think it’s underwatering, as I mist the plant every couple of days and also have a few pans of water in front of the heater vent to increase the humidity in the room.  Overall the plant is doing great, with 20+ blooms, but I'm getting worried as the number of leaves curling up is not slowing.

  It sounds like you have the citrus leafminer on the plants. This insect is actually within the leaf layers, so traditional insecticides will not control it. Your only approach is to remove any affected leaves you come across; you could also cut the plant back quite a bit to remove all affected growth. This will mean sacrificing your blossoms and fruit this time around, but once pruned the tree should rebound and produce new growth and blooms.