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Container Growing

Our staff are always on hand to help you combine annuals, tropicals, ornamental grasses and more. For a start, click here to view our Container Planting tip sheet, then visit us in store for more inspiration.

Beyond the Border

Compact evergreens, perennials and colourful shrubs add instant impact to pots. Think they'll break the budget? The average shrub or small evergreen will instantly fill a pot and may actually cost you less than an annual combination! Choose Boxwood for a traditional look, Smoke Bush or Ninebark for bold burgundy leaves, or an evergreen on standard for a truly modern look.”



Not only for indoors, houseplants can add a tropical touch to any outdoor container and unlike many annuals thrive in shade. Choose Banana or Elephant Ears to add instant height to your containers, then fill in and around with bright foliage fillers such as Chinese Evergreen, Devil's Ivy and more. Though tropicals crave a sunny spot indoors in winter, they will thrive in full to partial shade when spending the summer outdoors.

Incredible Edibles

Make your planters work double time! Combine herbs, tomatoes, colourful lettuce and more for a culinary creation that will taste and look great. Greenland stocks several selections of compact veggies that were bred specifically for container growing.




Visit our Potting Shed in season to view amazing container combinations or gather ideas from provenwinners.com